Agreement Notification

1. In the event of a take-off of ICBMs or SLBMs from the country, the declaration indicates the area from which the take-off is planned. The release of the notified measure marks the beginning of the so-called notice period. The OBT committee, made up of representatives from each WTO member, recommended that at least 60 days during which the adoption process is frozen and written notices can be sent on the proposed measure. Comments are sent directly by the EU ECOT`s request directly to the notifying member. This does not mean that economic operators do not have to play a role in the obTR notification process. On the contrary, EU industry`s comments on notifications from other WTO members are very important to avoid the emergence of trade barriers. Therefore, if you feel that the proposed measure is contrary to one of the provisions of the TBT agreement (for example. B, because it promotes your domestic products or creates unnecessary barriers to international trade), please contact us as soon as possible. Ideally, the EU OEE investigative body should receive comments in the notification form at least three weeks before the expiry of the final deadline set by the notifying WTO member.

For more details on the notification procedure, see the OBT brochure. This agreement does not affect the obligations of any of the parties under other agreements. The legal agreements of your website or mobile application govern the relationship between your company and your users. Whatever type of legal agreement you update, these are the most strategic places where you can place a notification of changes to your legal agreements: as soon as the EU`s OBT request is informed of a proposed measure, it downloads the notification form (which describes the content of the measure in particular) in its specific database. The EU`s TBT investigation body then contacts the notifying country to request the full text of the proposed measure. If you simply subscribe to a mailing list, you may be informed of any new proposals in your area. — Article XVI of the SALT II Treaty, which has never been ratified, would have required each contracting party to inform the other party in due course before carrying out several ICBM launches, or individual ICBM launches beyond its national territory.