Bbb Accreditation Agreement

If your business grows, it is increasingly likely that BBB accreditation may have benefits for you. But the price can make you hesitate, it`s understandable. If, at any time, you decide that your business must be accredited by BBB, you must go through the accreditation process. It`s not the easiest process in the world, but the following steps should help you understand how accreditation works. Please note that your unit must be more than six months old to be able to apply for a free list or accreditation. After submitting the completed application, BBB will analyze the information and the company will conduct searches using the applicant`s public and internal records. You will soon know if your company is approved for accreditation. If your company receives an evaluation, it is available to the public in BBB`s online directory. They agree that BBB and the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.

(as a trademark holder on behalf of the BBB system) (CBBB), including their employees/managers/directors, are free, whether direct, indirect or follow-up, including reasonable legal fees resulting from an abuse of BBB trademarks or a violation of the terms of this agreement. You also agree to exempt BBB and CBBB from losses, damages or expenses, including reasonable legal fees, for all third-party claims of any kind, including product liability, related to your BBB accreditation or participation in an associated BBB program. If your business is already listed, you should check if you have any negative reviews or consumer complaints. If you have not responded to negative reviews, this becomes a significant obstacle in the accreditation process. You can check if you have something to answer by logging into your BBB account and clicking „Responses to Reviews.“ c. Use of BBB Seal. As part of the authorization granted below, you can promote your BBB accreditation with the BBB application label („Seal“) (Annex 2) as it can be modified by BBB. BBB will provide you with the seal of different sizes.

You must obtain prior written permission for the use of another size and permission is only granted if the new size meets the minimum height requirement of 1/8 inch for „BBB.“ Nothing in this agreement or in your use of the BBB label or name gives you any law in the BBB name or seal, or in similar names or seals, beyond the right granted by this Agreement. Once your business is accredited, you can promote your business in print and digital materials with your new accreditation label. The display of the BBB logo shows your existing customers and potential new customers that your business is serious and reliable. Access to our services and use of the website after the change in the privacy policy constitute the agreement to be bound by the current privacy policy. You can apply at any time, because as a BBB member, you can include this information on your website and other marketing materials. This puts it in your customers` heads and can encourage them to leave an audit to speed up accreditation. I hope it helps, good luck. a.

General authorization. During the term of this contract, BBB grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-transferable license to promote your BBB accreditation and the use of BBB trademarks, as stipulated in this agreement. They accept that BBB marks cannot be used, copied, reproduced or otherwise modified. B. Nothing in this agreement or in your use of BBB trademarks will give approval or approval of your products or services. The use of these trademarks is only used to transfer BBB accreditation and the obligation to comply with the code, and you agree to use bBB trademarks only in this way.