Iowa State Bar Association Residential Purchase Agreement

NEVADA NRS 117.010 Definitions. As is used in this chapter: 1. Common areas refer to the entire project, with the exception of all units it grants or reserves. 2. Condominium refers to a property that consists of 6 19. INSPECTION OF PRIVATE SANITATION. The seller assures and assures the buyer that the property is not served by a private wastewater management system and that there is no known private sanitation system on the ground. 20. ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS. A. The buyer recognizes that it is the property that is sold by an estate, and as such the seller is exempt from the transfer period of the inspection of the Iowa septic tank code 455B (11).

All inspections, upgrades, repairs, maintenance or other septic system issues are done at the buyer`s expense in accordance with Iowa law and law. B. The seller is not required to conduct a survey. c. The purchaser of real estate reimburses the seller for the remainder of the gas in the LP gas tank at the current fair market price. d. The buyer is responsible for all necessary fencing (if applicable) in accordance with Iowa law. E. If, in the future, it is necessary to renovate the site, it will be at the buyer`s expense. d. The purchaser acknowledges that he has conducted a thorough and thorough examination of the property and that he is familiar with the premises.

E. The buyer accepts AS IS real estate in its current state. There are no explicit or unspoken guarantees of the latter. d. All ads made on the day of the sale take precedence over any advertisement. E. This contract has different characteristics. Dated: Michael E. Kelley, executor of Maureen S. Kelley Estate, saleswoman Diane A. Raterman, executor of Maureen S.

Kelley Estate, seller, buyer STATE OF IOWA, COUNTY OF LEE, ss. This recording was confirmed before me, by. Notary`s signature 5 d. The buyer and seller also have the right to use all other remedies or shares under the law or in equity available to them. E. For any act or procedure in connection with this contract, the winner is entitled to reasonable legal fees and fees, as permitted by law. 11. TIME IS ESSENTIAL. Time is essential in this treaty. 12. PERSONAL PROPERTY. If this contract involves the sale of personal real estate, buyers grant sellers a security interest in the personal property and buyers will execute the necessary financing returns and provide it to the seller.

13. BAU. The words and phrases of this treaty must be interpreted as in the number of singulars or plurals and as male, female or castrated according to the context. 14. FEE-CLEARING. Each seller hereshes out all rights to Dower, the farm and the distribution of the property and property and waives any right of exemption on any of the property. 15. CERTIFICATION. Buyers and sellers certify that they do not act, directly or indirectly, on behalf of a person, group, organization or nation that, by an executive order or the U.S. Department of Finance, is a terrorist, a national and stranded person or a person, entity, nation or transaction prohibited or blocked, in accordance with a regulation imposed or managed by the Office of Foreign Control Assets , refers to a group, organization or nation; and do not participate in this transaction, directly or indirectly, on behalf of such a person, group, organization or nation.