Itunes Store Agreement Not Working

iPhone 5c please help Nothing works!! It will be very frustrating Betty, Are you on the old iOS 11? It seems that some Apple users who are still on iOS 11 have problems accessing the App Store and Apple music. Apple is aware of this problem and can work on a solution. Whatever the reason, the App Store reappears normally! Hello SK, Thx for advice. After pressing the Home button twice and closing the App Store, then turning on the activation and then activating it, the AppStore works properly. Thank you SK. Check and see if your App Store is working now. If not, completely restart iDevice. Try switching to WiFi and then change your DNS to which is Google`s DNS. He worked for me. After you change it, close the App Store app by doubly pressing your Home button, then open it again.

He was working for me if all the other options were not available. Turn off Wifi 3G / 4G Multitask > Close Appstore. If you don`t have a connection, open the App Store again. Click OK. No mistake. Close Multitask-Turn App Store on 3G 4G and open Appstore Awesome! I even brought my iPad Minis to the Apple Store, which didn`t work! I did everything you proposed, and the only thing that worked was to change the language!!! That`s strange! So happy that I can finally come to the App Store! Thank you, thank you!! My iPhone 5S is off, but it didn`t work. Be careful to change your language. I changed my subcentric because I thought I was going to remember my French college. Wrong, I don`t remember. I would have liked to go back to English right away. Anyway, happiness and everything back and at work. Wondering how much Apple lost by locking us all up? These simple corrections for most of us.

Check to see if you`ve set screen time limitations on your son`s device. Switch to screen time settings > and temporarily disable all restrictions – make sure the App Store is back. If so, it`s likely that you can set up a restriction in Screen Time (usually in Content ` Privacy Restrictions, but can also be allowed apps`) Guys are geniuses. My App Store was off for 2 months after I updated iOS 9, but a few minutes ago it started working. Thank you very much for the procedures. – Third-party apps: Before you do anything, update your iOS or macOS device to the latest version of the operating system. Also check to see if iCloud is working. The iCloud service may have problems with its servers or systems. You can check this by going to the state page of the system. Application licenses will be provided to you by Apple or a third-party provider („application provider“). If you are a customer of Apple Distribution International Ltd.

is the reseller of Record Apple Distribution International Ltd., which means that you purchase the license from Apple Distribution International Ltd. but the application is licensed by the application provider. An Apple-licensed application is an „Apple App,“ an app licensed by an app provider is a „third-party app.“ Apple acts as an agent for app providers when making the App Store available and is not a party to the sales contract or usage agreement between you and the app provider.