Kinder Morgan Encroachment Agreement

After 14 days, they can file a conviction action. So long history in short, if the landowners do not have an agreement here with the representatives of the pipeline company as the right to get the priority agent, what then? Yes, the pipeline will sue you. You will file a complaint against you, it is a conviction. Conviction actions are, I will say, something different from a normal trial, or a normal trial, because I call it in a certain way, there is a particular part of the procedure, and then there is the normal litigation. Pay attention to these high-pressure sales tactics. I talked about strategies, and that is a big one. It is from customers who tell me — the agent`s right will always say that it must be signed by Friday, it must be signed by Friday. So they set these artificial deadlines that may be their deadlines, but that`s not your deadline to land. Misrepresentations, of course, I will incorporate it into the facilitation agreement. And they are not putting it into the facilitation agreement. Or they put it in the facilitation agreement, but then they put something else in the facilitation agreement. False promises.

How did I start doing this kind of work? I had a former client, I represented him in a totally separate, non-agricultural case. He comes to me and says, „Hey, Philip, can you see this relief?“ Of course, happy, no problem. Because there are things I want to make sure they are in there. Okay, great. „Because, yes, it`s going to pass this pipeline through my property and I want to make sure there`s a double-walled pipe, okay, great. Look over there, and I say, well, you`ve already signed this facility agreement, it`s an agreement. And his answer was, yes, but the guide said we could always change it, or it would change, or it was temporary. I don`t remember exactly what the story was there, but for me it`s a false promise, it`s a misrepresentation, and unfortunately, for this client, he was stuck with this ease agreement and it was very frustrating. The key conditions of the facilitation agreement are still mentioned.

And these are just the basic things that should absolutely be in the ease agreements. And it`s not always in the easy start settings, I think they`re almost always not in the easy settings to start. It should be specific, not a general relief. Don`t do it exclusively, the width of lightness, I mean, yes, it`s usually in it. Limit it to a pipeline that is usually not in it. Many times, he will say, allow to put pipelines, S, according to the plural. So limit the type of products to in line. Limit the diameter of the pipe. Sometimes it can mention the diameter of the tube, but then it can say that they can transmit a line in any maximum diameter.

And then the depth requirement, generally, the depth they hope to achieve is about 36 inches surface above the pipe, we push and argue for much more coverage. I have many customers who are terraced plant producers, rice farmers, lawn growers and surface or floor cover covers is important. Other key concepts, surface devices and that can often be called surface materials. Do not provide information about the intermediary`s right. One of the first things you get with this agreement for that we go on your property and survey is a great questionnaire asking for all kinds of information about your property.