Link Housing Tenancy Agreement

In your lease, there should be the person responsible for decorating the house and maintaining the interior decorations. If you want to redecorate your home or improve the property, you need to get your landlord`s approval and you may not be able to do exactly what you want. „It`s a lot easier for us. I know there is a very good backup service with them. The housing coordinator is 100% professional. – Private owner Wise Property Solutions is always looking for more properties that LinkPeople can rent so we can house the people we support. The demand for public housing is enormous, and every day we see individuals and families who need a safe, safe and healthy home. Regular communication. We stay in touch so that you are well informed about your property and its tenants. Our tenants are responsive and are available for any questions or requests. To the point where a property can be confiscated for a client, Wise Property Solutions hands over the property to LinkPeople. We lease property from you – either through a rental agreement or a rental agreement – and work with you to end homelessness in New Zealand, one property at a time. Your landlord is solely responsible for the maintenance of electrical appliances delivered with the accommodation, for example. B oven, refrigerator or washing machine.

You are not responsible for repairing appliances that belong to you or that you have installed (for example, if you have purchased and installed a dishwasher or dryer, you are responsible for its maintenance). Your rental agreement must indicate which devices your landlord should expect. We are a provider of community housing: as a registered community housing provider, LinkPeople tenants can access the income-related rental system, which means they pay no more than 25% of their income in rent, with the government paying the rest to charge them on market rent. This makes housing affordable for people who would otherwise be inaccessible. LinkPeople is also a social owner, which means that we perform the same basic activities as a private landlord, but with an additional focus on the best results for our tenants. As housing Link tenants, you are required to pay rent, water and other rents. Your lease, commonly referred to as the Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement, is a legal contract between you and Link. Your rental guide or rental agreement has all the information on when you have to pay your rent and how we charge your rent. Based on the first-proven housing model, we provide access to safe and affordable housing, and then connect people to the health and social services they need to get full support. It`s not a band-aid solution, it`s a long-term approach to offering housing as a platform for people to live well. Most advisory and housing companies in Scotland are rented without being rented.