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Telework offers the flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime. If we work remotely, we can do the work in unforeseen circumstances and unconventional places. Know the basics of telecommuting and are ready to help your agency accomplish your mission wherever you sign up. Standard Forms (Standard Forms, SF) Here is a list of standard government forms beginning with the letters „SF.“ Protecting federal public servants, which are essential to the continuity of critical operations in the country, will pose new challenges in the event of an influenza pandemic. This report (1) examines the extent to which agencies have pandemic plans in place to protect workers who cannot work remotely and who are not first responders, (2) pandemic plans, agencies selected for some… Benefits of telework programs include continuity of operation and reduced absenteeism, based on GAO literary research and the experience of six selected agencies. The most frequently cited benefits by the selected agencies – the Department of Transportation (DOT), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), General Services Administra… Major emergencies such as the COVID 19 pandemic can endanger the safety of federal employees. In these situations, federal authorities have a responsibility to provide employees with an environment in which they can do their jobs safely and effectively. Federal agencies are increasingly using telework to reduce the disruption that such emergencies may have in their ability to accomplish their missions. However, there are a number of ways to improve their telework programs by federal authorities.

OPM recently reported that more than a third of federal agencies were able to track some form of telework cost reduction – a 7-point increase over the 2017 GJ – due to fewer commuters and a lack of staff. However, 46% of agencies still find it difficult to keep up with these savings. The most frequently cited barriers to assessing these savings are the unavailability of cost control systems, the difficulty of isolating costs specifically related to telework, and lack of access to data. Federal authorities have identified a number of benefits and costs of their telework programs. For example, improved recruitment and engagement, improved productivity and improved work-life balance were seen as benefits. Costs were higher for staff training and the management of telework programs, as well as for the implementation of the necessary IT services. However, agencies have little data to support the benefits and costs of their telework programs. Use your government-exposed computer and a secure connection to access your agency`s network. Make sure your network is protected from threats [PDF – 36 KB] and purchase a router or switch with a built-in firewall. In order to prepare its reporting obligations under the 2010 Telework Enhancement Act, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has set up the Interagency Remote Work Measures Group, made up of officials from several federal agencies, to assist in the review of the telework call that OPM has been using since 2002 to collect telework data from executive agencies.