Ul L37 Agreement

You can also access our visitor agreements that you must respect when you visit one of our global establishments or offices. These agreements are designed to protect the privacy of all our customers and protect our customers. On this page, you will find the terms and conditions for the provision of services by companies linked to Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (the „UL parties“) under the Global Services Agreement („GSA“). Each service contract consists of three elements: consult our follow-up agreement to understand the agreement that governs our work with customers. GSA and service conditions are added by reference to each offer made available to customers. The offer, the GSA and the applicable terms of use together form the whole agreement on the provision of services requested by the contracting party UL concerned. We recommend that you read the terms of service for the service you requested. You can print a copy of the terms of service for your project datasets. The terms of this global service agreement („GSA“), which apply from [DATE] („Date of effect“), apply to all services provided by UL company that is identified or returned in a project offer or confirmation („part UL,“ „we“ or „we“).

„UL parties“ and „customers“ can be collectively referred to as „parties“ or „parties“ individually. Your main place of activity is [ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP, COUNTRY]. Several service agreements containing the terms of this GSA can be concluded. If you receive more than one service from separate offers or project confirmations, your service agreements may be concluded with different parties to the UL, as stated in each project offer or confirmation. Please ask our customer service team about the content of this page. YOU UNDER THIS GSA AND WARRANT THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE ALTERATIONS TO ITS TEXT, UNLESS SET FORTH SEPARATELY IN AN ADDENDUM, WHICH HAVE EXECUTED BY US. YOU REPRESENT AND WARRANT THAT THE UNDERSIGNED IS AUTHORIZED TO EXECUTE THIS GSA ON BEHALF OF THE CLIENT NAMED BELOW. Do the agreements that apply to the provision of UL services have a comprehensive agreement on services? Look at the terms of service that protect you, our customers and us during your visit to UL. „UL company,“ a party or entity controlled by that party to the UL, controlled, controlled or controlled in common, and the „UL companies“ are all together. „control,“ the direct or indirect possession of the power to direct or exercise the direction and policy of a company, whether through the ownership of more than 50% of the shares of that entity, contractual or otherwise.