Acceptable Use Agreement Form

Plagiarism is the act of using the words or ideas of another like his. Students are required to give adequate recognition to all sources of internet access used in university missions, whether cited or grouped together. This includes all Internet media, such. B as graphics, movies, music and text. Plagiarism of Internet resources is treated like all other plagiarisms. In addition, students must comply with copyright laws regarding software, paternity and copying of information. The purpose of this directive is to protect [organization`s name] electronic information from the accidental compromise of authorized personnel through a telephone connection. The scope of this directive applies to all staff members who have or store an account (or any form of access that supports or requires a password) on a system that is located in a [organization name], has access to the network [organization`s name] or stores all non-public information [organization name]. As a parent or legal guardian, I have read this authorized use agreement and I understand the terms of use that my student must meet. I also understand that the internet services provided by DSD are filtered and that the use of DSD technology resources can be controlled. I understand that my child may be disciplined for the inappropriate or unacceptable use of DSD technology resources. As a parent or guardian of [please print the student`s name] – I have read the authorized use policy.

I understand that this access is designed for educational purposes. [Name of organization] has taken appropriate measures to control Internet access, but cannot guarantee that not all contentious information is accessible to student users. I agree that I do not blame the [name of the organization] for the materials purchased in the network. In addition, I take full responsibility for supervision if and when the use of my child is not in a school environment. I allow my child to use network resources, including the Internet, that are available via [organization name]. In accordance with the Child Protection Act (CIPA), the technology is used for filtering and monitoring content to limit access to all Internet access provided by DSD to unacceptable materials. However, no web filtering technology is 100% safe. Students who deliberately have access to inappropriate or illegal documents or websites, who publish them or attempt to publish them, are subject to discipline; the possibility of suspension or expulsion.

DSD has the right to monitor, verify, copy, verify and store the use of DSD technology resources, including information transmitted and received, at any time and without notice. If it is an unsuitable, they may accidentally observe it. Do not distribute or publish private information about yourself or others. This includes private address, personal phone numbers, self-name or other students, passwords, credit card numbers, student identity, or social security number, etc. When published on the Internet/Intranet with DSD technology resources, students must work under the supervision of a support teacher and follow Davis School guidelines – Internet/Intranet Publishing Guidelines. I have read this authorized use agreement and I agree to comply with acceptable terms of use and report any misuse of DSD technology resources to the appropriate teacher or administrator. I understand that violations of the above provisions may result in the loss of the use of DSD technology resources and lead to other disciplinary measures, including, but not limited, suspension or expulsion and/or referral to judicial authorities.