Tssa Lease Agreement

TSSA offers the official lease in an electronic format compatible with several self-management software. Directly installed in your software, this creates a smooth rental experience for you and the tenant. The use of the electronic rental agreement is invoiced each year with your contributions. Click here to learn more about e-leasing. TSSA members have access to forms and supplements to a lawyer`s exam, free of charge, in order to complete the terms of the lease agreement and support other circumstances that may arise, including pledge rights; evacuation; commercial exploitation; Employment and more. The TSSA Goldbook© manages the use of these forms. These forms are available in the Only for members section of the site. These printed leases are designed for the establishment that favors a paper form that the tenant can fill out and sign on site. Made with carbon fabrication, the tenant and the establishment keep a copy of the agreement concluded.

Printed TSSA rental agreements are sold in packs of 25, 50 and 100 and can be purchased here online. Blog: Preparing to use your new TSSA lease….