Wisconsin Self Storage Tenancy Agreement

704.90 The note „Made available by a tenant“ in the definition of „last known address“ in paragraph 1 (am) does not expressly require that the tenant have personally indicated the address. It is more reasonable to interpret the „address indicated by a tenant“ as containing an address given by a person acting on behalf of the lessor whose operator knows it is acting on behalf of the lessor than to limit it to the tenant himself. Cook v. Public Storage, Inc. 2008 WI App 155, 314 Wis. 2d 426, 761 N.W.2d 645, 07-2077. 2. If a tenant is late and you have lost contact with the tenant, you should try to determine if the tenant has died (i.e. search for the tenant`s name in local obituaries and/or local obituaries). If you know that a tenant has died, you should continue to comply with your rental agreement and state by-order.

However, do not rely exclusively on the disclosure to the tenant at his address. You can try to match the tenant`s estate by sending messages to them, but the notice of legal delay at that address could fail if you know they have passed away. Instead, use the tenant`s listed alternative contact to report late payments. If possible, ask the alternative contact if a land has been opened or is likely to be opened. I recently designed a self-service storage rental contract that is now available and sold at Wisconsin Blank Legal Co., Inc. In addition, I have written two separate standard notifications that should be sent to the tenant who has breached the self-service storage unit lease. The two standard displays contain a different language in accordance with Wisconsin`s new law on self-service facilities and storage units. 704.90 (6) (a)8. 8. The sale takes place in the self-service warehouse, in the self-service storage unit or at the nearest appropriate location to the place where the personal property is stored. 704.90 (8) (8) Additional character of the section. This section does not in any way affect the right of the parties to establish pledge rights by special contract or agreement: it affects or affects a pledge that is not the result of this section, whether the other right of pledge is prescribed by law or of any other type.

704.90 (1)c) c) „tenant,“ excluding others, as part of a tenancy agreement or the tenant, successor or beneficiary of the assignment. 2. The new law requires that, where a self-service lease contains a provision that limits the value of the stored property, the clause must be printed in bold or emphasized in the same size as the rest of the agreement. It is assumed that the limit specified in an agreement is the maximum value of the property registered in the unit. The laws regarding self-service storage units were significantly amended by 2009 Wisconsin Act 380 (2009 Assembly Bill 707), which is why I decided to design the new lease and standard form declaration. 704.90 Note „Every wounded“ in sub. (12) is not limited to a „Lessee Lake“ in the sense of sub.1)c). This section protects the interests of those entitled to store their property in a rental space, whether tenants or not, in accordance with the tenancy agreement. Cook v. Public Storage, Inc. 2008 WI App 155, 314 Wis. 2d 426, 761 N.W.2d 645, 07-2077.

Self-service warehouses in Wisconsin are subject to paragraph 704.90, Wis. Stats., the chapter on tenant relationships. While self-service housing involves a rental relationship, the laws governing these establishments and units are very different from the laws governing a dwelling unit or other rental unit.