Android Developer Agreement

If developers copy someone else`s work or mislead users, it hurts users and the developer community. Don`t rely on deceptive or unfair use of other people`s work. The ECJ agreement gives a user the right to use a copy of your app after purchasing it from you. This is a special permission for this download and this use that normally does not allow for any additional activity. These conditions should be within the terms and conditions or conditions of use. However, repeating yourself in your CLA is not a bad exercise. Just make sure the terms of each agreement are consistent. Developers who have submitted their Android apps to the Google Play Store, without a DE LABO agreement, are subject to these general and general terms and conditions in the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement (available on this site). Note: Any new account you`re trying to open is also terminated (without refund of developer registration fees), so don`t try to sign up for a new Play Console account while one of your other accounts is terminated. To fully protect yourself and your app, you should consider including a BLA in your Android app, even if it`s not necessary. This will help correct the holes in the standard agreement of Android Market Terms. Preventing a violation of the directive is always preferable to managing a policy, but in the event of a violation, we must ensure that developers understand how they can bring their implementation into compliance. Please let us know if you see any violations or if you have any questions about the management of an injury.

As the EULA agreement is not a requirement of Google for Android applications available on Google Play, many applications do not have this legal agreement. We do not allow applications with misleading, poorly formatted, non-descriptive, irrelevant, excessive or inappropriate metadata, including, but not just on the description, developer name, title, symbol, screenshots and advertising images of the app. Developers must provide a clear and well-written description of their application. We also do not allow unsignified or anonymous user testimonials in the application description. Guarantees, disclaimers and liability limitations in the Google Play distribution contract are valid for your relationship with them as a developer. There is no content that controls the guarantees between you and the user: Our policies apply to all content for which your app is displayed or contains links, including all ads it displays to users and all content it hosts or refers to. In addition, they apply to all content in your developer account that is publicly displayed in Google Play, including your developer name and the landing page of your developer website. If developers copy another person`s work or use it without the required permission, it can harm the owner of that work.

Don`t count on the unfair use of other people`s work. Google is excused by the implementation of this agreement to the extent that performance is prevented, delayed or hindered by causes beyond its proper control. This agreement (including all changes agreed in writing by the parties) is the complete agreement between you and Google regarding its purpose and replaces all prior agreements and assurances between the parties. If, for any reason, a provision of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, this provision will be reformed to the extent necessary to make it applicable to the fullest extent possible, in order to make the greatest use of the intention of the parties, and the rest of that agreement will remain fully in force and effective. This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California and is interpreted by reference to their conflict of laws. In the event of a conflict between foreign laws, rules and regulations and California laws, rules and regulations, California laws, rules and regulations will predominate and be regulated.