A Voluntary Agreement Among Individuals To Secure Their Rights And Welfare By Creating A Government

These actions subjugated the number of kronloyalists (conservatives) among the colonizers and, with the very effective propaganda campaign of the Patriote leaders, more and more settlers began to act for independence from the metropolis. In 1775, when events were beyond communication, the Second Continental Congress began to act as a provisional government. However, the articles were not signed and the date was empty. Congress began the signing process by examining their copies of the articles on June 27, 1778. They ordered a final copy (that of the National Archives) and the delegates had to inform the secretary of their power of ratification. According to the articles of confederation, the power of the central government was kept quite limited. The Congress of the Confederation was able to take decisions, but it lacked enforcement powers. The Congress met under the articles until October with a quorum. [50] [51] On Saturday, September 13, 1788, the Congress of the Confederation voted in favor of the implementation of the new Constitution and issued, on Monday, September 15, an announcement that the new Constitution had been ratified by the necessary nine states, setting the first Wednesday of February 1789 for presidential voters to meet and elect a new president, and set the first Wednesday in March 1789 as the day on which the new government and the government would take over. according to the Articles of Confederation, there would be an end. [52] [53] On the same September 13, it decided that New York would remain the nation`s capital.

[52] Inherent weaknesses in the government structure of confederation have also thwarted the government`s ability to conduct foreign policy. In 1786, Thomas Jefferson, concerned about congressional failure to fund an American naval force to confront Berber pirates, wrote in diplomatic correspondence with James Monroe: „It will be said that there is no money in the public treasury . . .

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