Utang Agreement

Payment of this debt has also been difficult due to mismanagement and management of foreign credit debt by the Indonesian government itself. Contractual documents do not exist, but payments must be paid. „We are paying for something whose support data is unreliable,“ Haryono said. The death penalty of the Anti-Corruption Commission (CPC) does not seem to stop at corruption as well as the plans for public procurement of goods and services. The Anti-Corruption Commission is also examining external debt. After taking the initiative to review the external debt used for project loans during the 1967-2005 period, the CPC also coordinated with the Finance Audit Committee (KBP) to review a number of SOEs and departments. This has happened for decades, no one touches, said Vice President of Prevention kpk Haryono Umar. „One thing is for sure: can be indebted to PhilHealth its Philippine Red Cross. We recognize the assistance of the Philippine Red Cross to the government, especially our brothers, victims who will be tested on COVID,“ PhilHealth`s president and CEO told CNN Philippines` The Source. „We want to pay, except that we have to resolve some legal issues regarding the Memorandum of Understanding previously concluded between PhilHealth management and the Philippine Red Cross,“ Gierran said, referring to some acquisition issues. Jakarta, January 21, 2003Japonaise offers Indonesia „Debt Rescheduling“ and „Special Yen Loan“ at 1. In order to support the Indonesian government`s efforts to strengthen the economy and social development, the Japanese government has decided to allow debt restructuring under the Paris Club. In addition, the Japanese government has granted a specific yen loan for the construction of pipeline projects in South Sumatra and West Java.

On 21 January 2003, a diplomatic memorandum was signed in Bali between Japanese Ambassador Yutaka IIMURA and Indonesian Economy Minister Dorodyatun Kuntjoro-Jakti. 2. Summary of the projects whose diplomatic memorandum was signed today. (1) Debt restructuring under the Paris Club. The Japanese government has reached an agreement with the Indonesian government on the terms of the debt restructuring, in accordance with the agreement reached at the Paris Club meeting last April. Today`s agreement defers repayment of principal and interest on debts due between April 2002 and December 2003 over a period of 18 or 20 years. The agreement allows the Japanese government to reschedule a total debt of about $2.7 billion, or about half of the total amount of about $5.4 billion that will be rescheduled by the Paris Club creditors. By rescheduling this debt, the Japanese government helped cover Indonesia`s financing needs for fiscal year 2003 up to $1.5 billion. (2) Loans for loan and loan in yen in South Sumatra – West Java pipeline.

(Total loan amount: 49,088,000,000) The project involves the construction of a south-Sumatra gas pipeline to West Java and a gas distribution pipeline in West Java. The amount of natural gas that passes through this pipeline is 7 million cubic meters per day (or 5.6 times the Tokyo dome stage per day) and this natural gas is used by small and medium-sized enterprises, households, etc. in West Java. This project contributes to the reform of Indonesia`s energy sector, such as energy conversion, which is encouraged by the Indonesian government by replacing liquefied natural gas for petroleum products. In addition, the project is also helping to improve Indonesia`s balance sheet by reducing subsidies for petroleum products and reducing foreign exchange reserves by reducing imports of various petroleum products.